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"Ahora olvidarás todos tus recuerdos de haberme conocido. Mi rostro y mi nombre van a desaparecer de tu memoria. Pero si algún día te conviertes en mi enemigo y apareces frente a mi... en ese momento esos recuerdos van a resucitar... junto con el miedo..."

Bonjour a todos :iconndaloneplz: <--- Alone plz (?
Antes que nada agradezco que haya venido a visitar mi da, aunque este perfil se dedique a publicar acerca de un futuro anime/serie que ando haciendo y espero que sea el gusto de varias personas y consiga un exito adecuado.
aun así publicare por ahora imágenes randoms de personajes mios con sus viejos diseño.
Aun así bienvenidos a mi perfil y espero que disfruten mi contenido nwn.

Saint Seiya:
Saint Seiya Stamp by neocargalpha stamp .::Saint Seiya::. by Floriblue12 Saint Seiya logo by Vin3 Stamp Saint Seiya Soul Of Gold by Bluerathy-S Stamp Saint Seiya Leyend of Sactuary Japan by Bluerathy-S ..:: SS Next Dimension ::.. by Floryblue12

:iconblueheartplz: :iconblueheartplz: S h a k a Stamp by MomokoMatsuyama Leo Aioria Stamp by Sunrise-Spirit Stamp: Camus Fan by stayka Stamp Saint Seiya Pandora by Bluerathy-S Alone Hades Stamp by AllenWalkerHinamori Stamp: Cancer DeathMask Fan by stayka Aphrodite Stamp by Lux-Yoruichi :iconblueheartplz: :iconblueheartplz:

S.Seiya - Gold Saints by Floriblue12 Moo Stamp by Floriblue12 Saga Stamp by ladamadelasestrellas Kanon stamp by ladamadelasestrellas Milo stamp by SaruwatariKazuko Shura stamp by Blatterbury Aioros Stamp by ladamadelasestrellas Pegasus Seiya Stamp v2 by Ezrage s h u n Stamp by MomokoMatsuyama Saint Seiya stamp by ilaaaria Stamp Saint Seiya Marin De Aguila by Bluerathy-S Stamp Saint seiya Tethis de Sirena 3 by Bluerathy-S Stamp Lyfia Soul of Gold by Bluerathy-S Stamp Andreas Rise Soul of Gold by Bluerathy-S Stamp Frodi Soul Of Gold by Bluerathy-S

YuGiOh stamp by prosaix Classic YGO Fan Stamp by yoshimiU23 Yugi Stamp by StampAG I iz Cold by FreckledAndFearless Yami Fan Stamp by Bayleef- Atemu Stamp by StampAG Mai stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Bakura Heart Stamp by PecanPie Bakura Stamp by Gokulover4ever Marik Stamp by CrowMaiden Yami Marik Stamp II by Magica-28 Seto Stamp 10 by NowellsStamps Ishizu stamp by ZorctheDemented Dark Magician stamp by DuelMonstersClub BEWD stamp 4- tablet art by TheLastHetaira DM Stamps- Red-Eyes by TheLastHetaira Dark Magician Girl stamp by DuelMonstersClub Harpie Lady stamp by DuelMonstersClub Omnom Steak Stamp by Chuice Duke Devlin Stamp by depp Mana Fan Stamp by TheAmazingMorph Thief King Bakura Stamp by Priss-BloodEmpress

Stamp - YGO Season Zero by ShittyChan YGO Stamp: Season Zero Yami by xStormyChaos I miss the old Yami by Serenity-Blue

YGO The Abridged Series Stamp by Parker-Stark YGOTAS: Epic Pouting :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Yugi you little STAMP by TCustodis YGOTAS: Milkshake Die Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Kaiba stamp by Yami-YugiohFangirl I have money STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruff YGOTAS: SSA :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Stamp YGO: TAS Tribute08 by StraysMemoryAlbum Ishizu YGOTAS Stamp by AutumnEmbers nyeh? stamp by Wing-Wing-Senri Burn the Witch Stamp by HechoEnMexico card games stamp by shishio9 All of it. by Lawcere

:thumb353632736: Blindshipping by StarFlucks Mobiumshipping Stamp by Catch-the-stars Apprenticeshipping Stamp by EngelchenYugi :.:.Apprenticeshipping Stamp.:.: by Ejiputotsuki PolarShipping Fan Stamp by NHS-5 MizuShipping Fan Stamp by NHS-5 Visionshipping Stamp by IamTerra Tieshipping Stamp by FalteringIncarnation Reflectshipping Stamp by FalteringIncarnation Stamp: Puppyshipping 3 by liloloveyou024 TenderShipping Stamp by Priss-BloodEmpress MonarchShipping stamp by StarFlucks

Lost Canvas Stamp by ladamadelasestrellas
Manigoldo Stamp by ladamadelasestrellas Sagittarius No Sisyphe. by Calavera-Garbancera Pisces No Albafica. by Calavera-Garbancera Phantasos Stamp by vanilla-dog Gemini No Deuteros. by Calavera-Garbancera

Saint seiya Yaoi stamp by Innerd

Daft Punk Stamp by InuyashaServant Interstella 5555 Stamp by Taylorinchains Daft Punk Stamp 3 by JetProwerTheFox Daft Punk-Technologic by simster001 Daft Punk Robot Rock Stamp by simster001 Our work is never over. by TheHappySpaceman01

:iconblueheartplz: Zodiac Stamp 'Virgo' by Sharkfold :iconblueheartplz:
Virgo by mysage Virgo  Stamp by sxhi .:.Zodiac Stamp-Virgo.:. by xEternaLTwilighTx

Astrology Stamp by ThaleiaFantasy

lydia: :iconlydiajojajojaplz: :iconlydiaumadplz:
blanca: :iconblancayaoiplz:
north korea: :iconnorthkorea1plz: :iconnorthkorea2plz: :iconnorthkorea3plz: :iconnorthkorea4plz: :iconnorthkorea5plz: :iconnorthkorea6plz: :iconnorthkorea7plz: :iconnorthkorea8plz: :iconnorthkorea9plz:
china: :iconchinanyuuplz:
japon: :iconcutiejapanplz:
yukari yakumo: :iconyukari1plz: :iconyukari2plz: :iconyukari3plz: :iconyukari5plz: :iconyukari6plz: :iconyukari7plz::iconyukari8plz: :iconyukari9plz: :iconyukariyakumo1plz: :iconyukariyakumo2plz: :iconyukariyakumo3plz:
hong meiling: :iconmeiling1plz: :iconmeiling2plz: :iconmeiling3plz: :iconmeiling4plz: :iconmeiling5plz:
:iconhongmeiling1plz: :iconhongmeiling2plz: :iconhongmeiling3: :iconhongmeiling4: :iconhongmeiling5: :iconhongmeiling6plz: :iconhongmeiling8plz: :iconhongmeiling9plz: :iconhongmeiling10plz: :iconhongmeiling11plz:
male sakuya: :iconmalesakuya1plz: :iconmalesakuya2plz: :iconmalesakuya3plz: :iconmalesakuya4plz: :iconmalesakuya5plz: :iconmalesakuya6plz:
rumia: :iconrumia1plz: :iconrumia2plz: :iconrumia3plz: :iconrumia4plz: :iconrumia5plz: :iconrumia6plz: :iconrumia7plz: :iconrumia8plz: :iconrumia9plz:
nico robin: :iconrobin1plz: :iconrobin2-plz: :iconrobin3plz: :iconrobin4plz: :iconrobin5plz: :iconrobin6plz: :iconrobin7plz:
shyarly: :iconshyarlyplz: :iconshyarly1plz: :iconshyarly2plz: :iconshyarly3plz: :iconshyarly4plz: :iconshyarly5plz:
whitey bay: :iconwhiteybay1plz: :iconwhiteybay2plz: :iconwhiteybay3plz: :iconwhiteybay4plz: :iconwhiteybay5plz: :iconwhiteybay6plz: :iconwhiteybay7plz: :iconwhiteybay8plz: :iconwhiteybay9plz:
sadie-chan: :iconsadie1plz: :iconsadie2plz: :iconsadie3plz: :iconsadie4plz: :iconsadie5plz:
sakuya izayoi: :iconsakuya1plz: :iconsakuya2plz: :iconsakuya3plz: :iconsakuya4plz: :iconsakuya5plz: :iconsakuya6plz: :iconsakuya7plz: :iconsakuya8plz: :iconsakuya9plz: :iconsakuya10plz: :iconsakuya11plz: :iconsakuya12plz: :iconsakuya13plz:
Hata No Kokoro: :iconkokoro1plz: :iconkokoro2plz: :iconkokoro3plz: :iconkokoro4plz:
kalifa: :iconkalifa12plz: :iconkalifa13plz: :iconkalifa14plz: :iconkalifa15plz: :iconkalifa16plz: :iconkalifa17plz:
Shaka de Virgo: :iconshaka1plz: :iconshaka2plz: :iconshaka3plz: :iconshaka4plz: :iconshaka5plz: :iconshaka6plz: :iconshaka7plz: :iconshaka8plz: :iconshaka9plz: :iconshaka10plz: :iconshaka11plz: :iconshaka12plz:
Afrodita de Piscis: :iconaphrodite1plz: :iconaphrodite2plz: :iconaphrodite3plz: :iconaphrodite4plz: :iconaphrodite5plz: :iconaphrodite6plz: :iconaphrodite7plz:
Aioria de Leo: :iconaiolia1plz: :iconaiolia2plz: :iconaiolia3plz: :iconaiolia4plz: :iconaiolia5plz: :iconaiolia6plz: :iconaiolia7plz: :iconaiolia8plz:
Thetis: :iconthetis1plz: :iconthetis2plz: :iconthetis3plz: :iconthetis4plz: :iconthetis5plz: :iconthetis6plz: :iconthetis7plz:
Marin de Águila: :iconmarin1plz: :iconmarin3plz:
Sendai Athena: :iconsendaiathenaplz: :iconsendaiathena1plz: :iconsendaiathena2plz: :iconsendaiathena3plz:
Shura de Capricornio: :iconshura1plz: :iconshura2plz: :iconshura3plz: :iconshura4plz: :iconshura5plz: :iconshura6plz: :iconshura7plz: :iconshura8plz: :iconshura9plz: :iconshura10plz: :iconshura11plz: :iconshura12plz: :iconshura13plz: :iconshura14plz:
Aioros de Sagitario: :iconaioros1plz: :iconaioros2plz: :iconaioros3plz: :iconaioros4plz: :iconaioros5plz: :iconaioros6plz: :iconaioros7plz: :iconaioros8plz:
Milo de Escorpio: :iconmilo1plz: :iconmilo2plz: :iconmilo3plz:
Julian Solo: :iconjuliansoloplz:
Poseidon: :iconposeidon1plz:
Death Mask de Cancer: :icondm2plz: :icondm3plz: :icondm4plz: :icondm5plz: :icondm6plz: :icondm7plz: :icondm8plz:
Mu de Aries: :iconmu1plz: :iconmu2plz: :iconmu3plz: :iconmu4plz:
Kanon de Dragón Marino/Geminis: :iconkanon2plz: :iconkanon3plz: :iconkanon4plz: :iconkanon5plz: :iconkanon6plz:
Yugi Mutou: :iconyugi1plz: :iconyugi2plz: :iconyugi3plz: :iconyugi4plz: :iconyugi5plz: :iconyugi6plz: :iconyugi7plz: :iconyugi8plz: :iconyugi9plz: :iconyugi10plz: :iconyugi11plz: :iconyugi12plz:
Yuugi Mutou (Season 0): :iconyuugi1plz: :iconyuugi2plz: :iconyuugi3plz: :iconyuugi4plz: :iconyuugi5plz: :iconyuugi6plz: :iconyuugi7plz:
Yami Yugi: :iconyamiyugi5plz: :iconyamiyugi6plz: :iconyamiyugi7plz: :iconyamiyugi8plz: :iconyamiyugi9plz: :iconyamiyugi10plz: :iconyamiyugi11plz: :iconyamiyugi12plz: :iconyamiyugi13plz: :iconyamiyugi14plz: :iconyamiyugi15plz: :iconyamiyugi16plz: :iconyamiyugi17plz: :iconyamiyugi18plz: :iconyamiyugi9plz: :iconyamiyugi20plz:
Yami Yuugi (Season 0): :iconyami2plz: :iconyami3plz: :iconyami4plz: :iconyami5plz: :iconyami6plz: :iconyami7plz: :iconyami8plz: :iconyami9plz: :iconyami10plz: :iconyami11plz: :iconyami12plz: :iconyami13plz: :iconyami14plz: :iconyami15plz:
Atem: :iconatem1plz: :iconatem2plz: :iconatem3plz: :iconatem4plz: :iconatem5plz: :iconatem6plz: :iconatem7plz: :iconatem8plz: :iconatem9plz: :iconatem10plz: :iconatem11plz: :iconatem12plz: :iconatem13plz: :iconatem14plz: :iconatem15plz: :iconatem16plz: :iconatem17plz:
Yusei Fudo: :iconyusei1plz: :iconyusei2plz: :iconyusei3plz: :iconyusei4plz: :iconyusei5plz: :iconyusei6plz: :iconyusei7plz: :iconyusei8plz: :iconyusei9plz: :iconyusei10plz: :iconyusei11plz: :iconyusei12plz: :iconyusei13plz: :iconyusei14plz: :iconyusei15plz: :iconyusei16plz: :iconyusei17plz:
Jaden Yuki (Exclusivos para un Kuriboh canoso deseoso de raperos (?): :iconjaden1plz: :iconjaden2plz: :iconjaden3plz: :iconjaden4plz: :iconjaden5plz: :iconjaden6plz: :iconjaden7plz: :iconjaden8plz: :iconjaden9plz:
Ishizu Ishtar: :iconishizu1plz: :iconishizu2plz: :iconishizu3plz: :iconishizu4plz:

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